Channel 3 is hearing from the people who had to get on a roof to escape an apartment fire in Athens on Wednesday.

It happened on South Jackson Street.

Three people had to escape through a window onto the roof to get to safety.

The residents only had one way out of their apartment and it was blocked by something that had caught on fire. Their only option was to climb out their window and onto the roof. That's when the men from Athens Utility Board stepped in.

Josh Finnell, one of the men who arrived on-scene from Athens Utility Board said, "We grabbed the ladders and went straight to the roof. It looked like maybe their only other option was a pick-up truck, jumping off into the bed of it."

Athens Utility Board employees wasted no time rescuing the people stranded on the rooftop.

The fire was one unit over, but was spreading quickly.

Finnell said, "We could feel the heat, and definitely feel the smoke was heavy cause it was just a close quarters there between the two apartments."

They were working against time, but knew how important it was for everyone to remain calm.

"I think definitely having hands on with those two individuals, or three individuals coming off the roof, definitely wanted to keep those guys calm. They did not want to get on our ladder."

The woman, Dardrekia Sharp, knows this feeling all too well. She's lived through a house fire once before and knew she had to stay calm.

"And once I got my mind together, I knew there's a plan that has to be done you know so staying calm is a very, very big factor in that,” Sharp told us.

Once they got to safety, everyone around was praising the men for their service.

Finnell said, "We had some police officers come up to us that were there and they thanked us. The fire chief came out, he made sure that he talked to all three of us to shake our hand and appreciate our service."

Everyone called them heroes, but the men didn't quite see it that way.

"They very much did save our life,” Sharp told us, and her son, Isaiah Alloway said. “I'm just grateful."

Sharp says thankfully nothing inside her apartment was ruined, just the wall on the outside was damaged.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.