Wednesday afternoon, the Howard School opened its doors to anyone in the community who wanted a meal.

Head Football Coach John Starr started this tradition three years ago as a pre-Thanksgiving Day meal for those in need. The cool thing about this event is the school was on break for the holiday until next Monday, and on their first day off, students came to help give back to the community.

A tradition that just keeps growing, not only by the number of plates given out but by the people who make it all happen.

Coach Starr told us, "We now got people in the community wanting to be a part of it, they'll come out 'hey what can I do,' so it's really been just good."

Wednesday, Coach Starr had full support from friends, the community, and students.

He says it was a great opportunity for him to instill life lessons in young people that go beyond this event.

"I used to pray for a blessing, but I learned it's more important to pray to be a blessing than for a blessing. We're just trying to teach our kids, be out there and be a blessing for somebody,” Starr said.

The community received their acts of kindness with grateful hearts. Some students have worked this event for several years.

Senior Imani Rowe said, "People coming out, they eating, they socializing, we getting to know them. It feels like we giving back to our community and allowing them to see what we can bring to the table as the youth of our community."

Starr believes the students are truly learning the value of being other-centered and are a huge reason the event has grown so much.

Rowe told us, "I've seen them bringing people with them and stuff like that that they didn't bring last year so the word is spreading more and more people are coming out."

Howard Principal Dr. LeAndrea Ware says the students are representing the school's mission by understanding the value of giving to others and the value of community work through their time effort and energy today.

Coach Starr has started something special at Howard School and says the most important part about today is the valuable life lessons his players and students learn from serving their community.