Millions are making their way to see family and the majority of them are driving to get there. State troopers are working to keep the roads safe for travelers. 

'We have every available state trooper working today and throughout the holiday and into Monday," said Lt. John Harmon with the Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP).

With the day before Thanksgiving being one of the most dangerous times to be on the road, he said they are pulling out all of the stops.

"We're going to be looking for aggressive driving, speeding, people not wearing their seatbelt. Folks that are distracted," Lt. Harmon continued.

One of the main things state troopers are keeping an eye out for is drinking and getting behind the wheel.

In 2018, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation reported there were more than 20,000 DUI cases, with 66 % of them alcohol-related, 19% drug-related, and 14% with both.

"Think in advance. Prepare in advance. If you're going to do that, prepare to have someone drive you home even with that one drink," Lt. Harmon said.

Before anyone takes a sip of the famous family punch or cider and get on the road, he said they should think twice.

"Call that designated driver, get someone to drive even if you've had that one drink. It is so important. We don't want you to be injured or killed in a traffic crash or injure or kill someone in a traffic crash because you've been driving under the influence," Lt. Harmon continued.

THP will also be on the lookout for aggressive driving, speeding, no seatbelts, and distracted drivers.

If you are out on the road this Thanksgiving week and notice that someone is driving out of control, you are urged to dial *THP (*847)