Millions of Americans are crossing the country on Wednesday, traveling for Thanksgiving.

It's the busiest travel day of the year for airports across the country, and that includes the Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport. But CHA might still be your best bet for holiday travel.

Late Tuesday night, Brenda Creason got a look at the worst of holiday traffic in Charlotte.

"It was pretty wild,” she said. “The people, there was so many people there they were like stepping on each other."

When she got to Chattanooga's airport on Wednesday morning, the mostly quiet terminal was a welcome surprise.

"I would rather come to Chattanooga to fly, because there's not as many people,” she said.

Flying on the holidays is a nightmare for most travelers, but Chattanooga Airport President Terry Hart expects smooth skies at CHA.

“It's peaks and valleys, at certain times there's lots of traffic, but it will die back down and then peak back up again,” he said. “I don't anticipate there to be any problems here."

Still, traffic during Thanksgiving week is up four percent since last year. For a smaller airport, that's a big rise.

"More and more customers are choosing to fly out of here because the fares are competitive and it's a lot more convenient than a lot of the other airports. I think that's going to lend to increased traffic over this period,” Hart said.

Like many, Creason avoids flying during crowded holidays. This year that just wasn't possible, but it was worth the trip.

"As all mamas do they show up for the kids and I was there for the baby to be born,” she said.

Sunday is the other busy travel day to avoid. That's when everyone is going to be heading home from their Thanksgiving vacation.