School bus safety has been top of mind for parents recently. 

Last week marked 3 years since the Woodmore bus crash.

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On that same day, two buses collided in Cleveland.  

Hamilton County changed bus contracts from Durham to First Student over the summer, which meant a new line of buses for the current school year.

Compliance Manager Brandon Allen with the school system's transportation department says the seats on the buses have more padding, all lights are LED and each bus is equipped with a crossing arm, which helps students cross the street.

Allen says these improvements were needed.

"These buses are great. FirstStudent is doing a good job and are working well with the district,” Allen said.

The buses can hold 84 elementary school students, and up to 53 middle and high school students.

Among the safety features on these buses are new cameras.

Allen says they have had incidents this year where a bus has been in the hit and the person responsible drove off.

The camera will capture a shot of the vehicle along with its license plate number and issue a citation.

Allen says they monitor bus routes constantly, making sure the drivers are taking the safest way.

“Sometimes we follow buses and find that this may not be the safest way for this bus to go. So we will immediately get in touch with our routing department and change the route,” Allen said.

Allen believes the new buses will keep each child safe.

"You can have a car hit the front or the side of the bus, but the students are above that. The inside of the bus is raised. And due to the padding and everything, how the bus is designed, it's designed to protect students as long as they are sitting properly,” Allen said.

Allen says seat belts aren't completely out of the question, but the board wants more research on the matter.

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