UPDATE: Nearly a month after family members reported Barulio Esparza missing, Dalton police have confirmed the Volkswagen employee was spotted in Oregon.

Co-workers told police he was last seen at work on November 14th before seemingly disappearing

"We learned that Barulio had not been at work since November the 14th and his access card had not been activated or used to get in and out of the complex," DPD Detective Chris Tucker told Channel 3.

No one has been able to get in contact with Esparza since then.

"Barulio's mother is just torn to pieces," Tucker said.

Just 10 days after the missing persons report was filed, Criminal Investigations Division Detective Chris Tucker told Channel 3 he believes they're hot on his trail with new evidence of activity on his bank account that showed several withdrawals.

"I've been in contact with an investigator with Bank of America. He may be out west somewhere," Tucker said.

Unable to reach or track Esparza by phone, Tucker says he subpoenaed the missing man's bank records, which revealed his accounts had been used recently.

They showed three transactions in states including Oregon and Idaho.

"The parents they didn't have any cell phone information. They seem to think he had just a pay-by-the-minute. We did find activity on his account after he went missing on November the 14th," he said.

According to Tucker, an investigator with Bank of America confirmed that the transactions were all by the same male.

"If it would've been different people doing those transactions then I'd worry that something bad happened to Barulio," he explained.

Surveillance photos provided by Bank of America are what lead DPD investigators to believe that the man seen in those photos is Esparza.

Tucker told Channel 3 right now they're pretty confident he is 'okay' but are going to continue the investigation until they are completely certain.

PREVIOUS STORY: Friday, Channel 3 spoke with co-workers of a man who has been missing for two weeks now. No one has seen or heard from Barulio Esparza since November 15, when he left his house to go to work.

His co-workers at the Chattanooga Volkswagen Plant said it is very strange that he didn’t show up to work. One woman told Channel 3 that he even said "see you tomorrow" the day before he went missing.

"He would have been like 'alright, I'll see you tomorrow' so there were no red flags that he would be missing,” Callie Kinsey, one of Barulio’s co-workers said.

Police say Barulio Esparza hasn't reported to work since he was last seen. This has his co-workers worried about him, especially considering his strong work ethic.

Kinsey told Channel 3, "He even came in when he was sick, even with a 100-degree fever it's like 'I'm sick, but I'm here, you got to be dragging me home.'"

This has the whole plant talking. Kinsey said employees have come up to her asking for updates.

Esparza's sister has even reached out to his co-worker, Brandon McDermott.

"His sister had messaged us, you know, asking if we heard from him or knew anything and he hasn't been in contact with us either,” McDermott shared with us.

All McDermott knows is what Esparza's sister shared with him.

McDermott tells Channel 3, "His sister said he had left for work that morning, but you know he never arrived. I'm thinking something happened between him leaving his house and getting to work."

Whatever the case may be, his co-workers and family miss him very much.

"His personality, his attitude, his work ethic too, we all miss him terribly,” McDermott said.

His co-workers want to hear his jokes and enjoy his fun personality again. They have a search planned next week.

"Drive around and try to look for any signs of maybe skid marks along the road, broken trees, you know, something, anything that would say hey something happened here, check it out,” McDermott said.

Detective Chris Tucker with the Dalton Police Department is handling this case. If you have any information about Esparza's disappearance or his location, please call Tucker at (706-278-9085).

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ORIGINAL STORY: Dalton police are asking for the public’s help in the search for a missing man.

Police say Barulio Esparza left his home to go to his job at the Chattanooga Volkswagen Plant on November 15 and has not been seen or heard from since.

Police say Esparza hasn’t reported for work since he was last seen.

Police say Esparza recently bought a gray 2011 Ford Fusion.

No further information has been released at this time.

If know where to find Barulio Esparza or have any information about this case, please call Dalton Police Detective Chris Tucker at 706-278-9085, dial 9 and enter extension 165.

You can also click here to send DPD a message through Facebook.

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