A big, beautiful turkey will be the star of most Thanksgiving meals. But getting one ready can be tricky.

With the countdown to Thanksgiving underway, food blogger Pam Wattenbarger says it's time to prep.

"For each four to five pounds you're going to have one day worth of thawing if you thaw in the refrigerator,” Wattenbarger said.

It can take up to five days to defrost your turkey. So if you haven't already, it's time to take the bird out of the freezer.

“Once you thaw it, you don't want to refreeze it or let it sit there for a couple of days. You want to cook it then,” Wattenbarger said.

As for the cooking, she says the last thing anyone wants is an overcooked bird.

"The USDA says 165 degrees, but you can take it out of the oven at 160 degrees because it will keep cooking when you take it out,” Wattenbarger suggests.

After all those days of prep, dietitian Pamela Kelle says holiday overeating is almost expected.

"Everybody's anticipation is there and the food is set out and it smells fantastic and we have thoughts of Thanksgiving for days and days,” Kelle said.

The last thing to do is let Thanksgiving change your routine.

"Do not starve yourself the day before the meal because that sets it up,” Kelle said. “If you go in too hungry, you're just going to eat more."

But when it finally comes time to dig in, just enjoy, and live a little.

"Put your fork down between bites, engage in conversation. Look around,” Kelle said.