This is the time of year when kith and kin all gather round to share what they’re thankful for… and argue about whether that great turkey accoutrement is called stuffing or dressing.  Through your social media comments I learned a few things.  First.  It’s a north/south thing.

Tyra said, “Stuffing is "Stove top" but Dressing is PURE SOUTHERN GOODNESS!!!!!”

Kim said, “My southern relatives "dress" the bird. The yankee side "stuffs" it. I don't care, just stuff my face with it!!”

Crystal said, “My husband says that Alice on the Brady Bunch made stuffing, but Aunt Bea made dressing.”

Second, the ingredients may be a bit different.

Teresa said, “Dressing is made with cornbread and stuffing is made with regular bread and not near as good!”

Donna said, “Dressing is made with cornbread. Stuffing is bought in a bag or box!!”

Third, it depends on where the goodness is cooked.

Donna said, “dressing is a side dish, stuffing is inside the bird.”

Angela said, “Stuffing = In the Bird.
Dressing = Outside the bird.”

Mary said, “Stuffing is when you stuff the bird and dressing is made in a pan. It’s made the same way just cooked different.”

And here is the south, people tend to prefer dressing, cooked in a pan.

Lindsey offered, “Stuffing is gross and dressing is the best!”

Louann agreed.  She said, “Stuffing is nasty dressing is delicious!”

My 3 Cents? I am happy to say we do it right at my house.  We do DRESSING cooked in a pan.  And I could not tell you what my wife puts in it, but it is moist, has turkey chopped up in it, and it is the best part of the Thanksgiving meal ALWAYS.  And now that we’ve clarified dressing and stuffing, A SIDE NOTE…if you have someone at your table that says “G”iblet instead of “J”iblet…you never ever invite them back into your home. It was, is, and shall forever be “J”iblet. 

That’s my 3 Cents.  Hey. If you have a rant or something positive you want to rave about I want to know!  Give me a call at 423-643-9722 and give me your 3 Cents.