Thanksgiving is almost here which means lots of great food and great company.

To make sure the holiday goes smoothly for everyone, the Chattanooga Fire Department wants to share some safety tips if you decide to fry your turkey.

Chattanooga firefighter, William Matlock says do not fry your turkey within 10 feet of your house and definitely do not do it on your deck.

"Unfortunately, we've had fires where we've had people frying turkeys on decks or too close to a house,” Matlock told us.

Frying a turkey is dangerous if it's not done properly.

After setting up away from your home, make sure the turkey is on a solid surface so it won't tip over. Also be sure it's completely thawed before putting it in the oil.

Matlock said, "One other item to consider is make sure you're using the right amount of oil in your fryer. You don't want to over-fill it, so when you drop your turkey in, it doesn't flow over."

Read the manual that came with your fryer so you know how much oil to put in and what size turkey will fit.

Once it's in, make sure to monitor the temperature.

"Each fryer is probably a little different or the oils you're using, the different types of oil have a heat threshold so just make sure you're monitoring the oil,” Matlock said, “You don't want it to usually get above 350 degrees."

While you're keeping a close eye on that temperature, also be aware of any children or pets around. It's best to keep them away.

If a fire were to happen, it typically comes outside the container and spreads quickly.

As a precaution, Matlock advises you "have a fire extinguisher nearby that way if something does happen, you're able to at least try and extinguish the fire."

Most people fry a turkey once or twice a year, so if you aren't comfortable with it, Matlock says let someone else do it for you.

"I would recommend that you leave this to the professionals. If you want a turkey fried, just go out and pay someone that does it."

If you don't get a professional to fry it for you, make sure you read the manual and know what you're doing.

In case of an emergency, always have a safety plan.