UPDATE: Police are still looking for a second suspect in an incident that happened in Cleveland just a week ago. A young woman was grabbed by two men in broad daylight. 

Detective Stephen Warner with the Cleveland Police Department says a young woman had great presence of mind when she told two men that grabbed her wrists and tried to push her toward their car outside of Burrito Xpress that her dad was still inside. She lead the men to believe she wasn't alone.

Jennifer Pritchard, the victim’s mother spoke to Channel 3, but she didn't want her daughter's name to be released. She recalled that her daughter was inside the restaurant when a man started asking her questions. 

Feeling uncomfortable, Pritchard’s daughter ordered her food to go. It was outside the restaurant when two men got out of a silver car and approached her.

“Two men get out of the car, grab by her her wrists, one takes her car keys which has pepper spray on them and throws them to the ground,” said Pritchard. 

The young woman’s quick thinking stopped the two men in their tracks.

“She was smart enough at that point. She said If I scream they're going to take me.' So at that point she talks to them and says 'hey my dad is coming out. My dad is coming out,'” said Pritchard.

Her dad wasn’t in the restaurant at the time, but the young woman wanted the men to believe she wasn’t alone.

“And obviously in this particular situation she shook the guys up a little bit, and whatever their intentions were they stopped at that time,” said Detective Warner. 

Detective Stephen Warner with the Cleveland Police Department says they arrested Justin Posey and charged him with robbery. 

“We have to charge based on the information we have and the facts of what we have happen and we can’t speculate what their intentions may have been if they got her in the car,” said Warner. 

As for what the two men were trying to accomplish Warner couldn’t say. 

“I can’t speculate on what his intentions were, it’s not a kidnapping, we have no reason to believe there’s any type of sex trafficking involved or anything like that,” said Warner. 

Now Pritchard says her daughter is processing what happened. 

“That’s my child and that’s her sense of security that she’ll never get back,” said Pritchard. 

Pritchard says she wants all young women to be aware of their surroundings, and don’t take your personal safety lightly. 

The Cleveland police department is still looking for another suspect. 

If you witnessed the incident or know something about it, you’re encouraged to call Detective Warner at 423-303-3134

PREVIOUS STORY: A Cleveland mother is speaking out after she says two men tried to abduct her daughter from Burrito Xpress in Cleveland, TN on Tuesday. 

One man was arrested and another is still on the loose. 

It happened around 2:30 on Tuesday afternoon. 

"A gentleman approached her inside the restaurant, started asking her some questions," said the victim's mother Jennifer Pritchard. 

Her daughter was uncomfortable by the situation, she got her food to go and went outside. The man followed her outside. 

"Two men get out of the car, grab by her wrists, one takes her car keys which has pepper spray on them and throws them to the ground," Pritchard said. 

Pritchard tells Channel 3 it was clear they did not want money, they wanted to abduct her daughter. 

"They don't go for a wallet, they don't go for her Apple watch, they don't go for anything monetary-- their goal was her," recalled Pritchard.

Her 18-year-old says one man opened the door to the backseat while the other was holding her down. She says knew it was only a matter of time before she was taken. 

"She was smart enough at that point, she said if I scream they're going to take me. So at that point she talks to them and says 'hey, my dad is coming out, my dad is coming out," said Pritchard

The victim's father was not in the restaurant, but the two men did not know that. 

"They let her go, they throw her into the wall, all her stuff is on the ground and they take off,"
 Pritchard told Channel 3. 

Police arrested Justin Posey in connection to the crime, after the victim picked him out in a photo lineup. 

The Cleveland Police Department posted on their Facebook, saying the other suspect is a white male with blonde hair and anyone with information needs to come forward. 

"Her security has been shaken. Our security as a community should be shaken," Pritchard told Channel 3. 

If you know anything about the case, you can leave a confidential tip with the Cleveland Police Department at (423) 303-3134.

PREVIOUS STORY: The Cleveland Police Department is looking for a male suspect who attacked a woman at Burrito Xpress on Inman Street.

According to the police department, the victim says she was walking in the parking lot when a silver sedan occupied by two suspects approached her.

The victim told police that one man grabbed her wrist while the other grabbed her car keys.

The victim told the two suspects that her father was inside the restaurant. The two men let her go and fled the scene.

Cleveland PD says one of the males, 31-year-old Justin Posey, has been identified and charged with robbery. The other suspect is still being sought. Police describe the second suspect as being a white male with blonde hair.

If you have any information related to this incident, you can leave a confidential tip on Cleveland PD's Facebook page or contact Detective Stephen Warner at 423-303-3134.