A Yale-Harvard football game on Saturday was disrupted by climate protesters storming the field during halftime to demand that the two Ivy League universities divest from fossil fuels.

Photos shared on social media show a large crowd sitting on the field at the Yale Bowl in New Haven, Connecticut, while others stand behind them with a large sign that read: "Nobody Wins: Yale & Harvard are complicit in climate injustice."

Another sign read: "Yale and Harvard students united for climate justice"

Divest Harvard — a group that advocates for the Massachusetts university to divest its endowment holdings in the fossil fuel industry — said in a tweet that more than 150 Yale and Harvard students, alumni, and faculty rushed onto the field to "demand DIVESTMENT from fossil fuels & cancel holdings in Puerto Rico debt."


Advocate group Fossil Free Yale tweeted that the two prestigious universities "have no right to profit off the destruction of the planet and land."

The protests led to some celebrity support.

"I’m proud to support the students of @DivestHarvard and @FossilFreeYale who disrupted #HarvardYale today to call for fossil fuel divestment," actress Alyssa Milano wrote on Twitter. "When our richest universities are invested in the destruction of the planet #NobodyWins."

Actress Daryl Hannah congratulated the student activists and called on Yale and Harvard "to divest." "When it comes to the further destruction of our planet #nobodywins," she tweeted.

The demonstration delayed the second half of the game for at least 45 minutes, NBC Boston reports. Police and security officials cleared the field so the game could resume.

Shortly after action resumed at Yale Bowl, an Ivy League competitor, Dartmouth College, clinched a 29-23 victory over Brown University, which means that the Yale Bulldogs need to beat Harvard to earn a share of the Ancient Eight title.