Employees at Cherokee Truck Equipment are working to help their co-worker after his fiancé was killed in a car crash. 

The crash happened off Shallowford Road near I-75 around 6:30 a.m. on Friday. 

The victim is identified as 23-year old Alicia Nazario. 

"It just hits so close to home. It's so sad," said Chuck Blaylock.

Blaylock works with the victim's fiancé, Alex Freeman. 

"She brought him to work, kissed him goodbye, and then she lost her life on Shallowford Road," Blaylock told Channel 3. 

Police say Nazario lost control of her car before slamming into the bus. She was pronounced dead at the scene. Nazario was a daughter, a sister, a fiancé, and a mom. 

"The baby--he's three years old-- was in the car wreck with her and now he don't have a mama," recalled Blaylock. 

He says Alicia is someone everyone will miss. 

"She wasn't afraid to hug your neck. She was just so full of love, compassion and life," said Blaylock. 

Blaylock works with Alicia's fiancé, Alex, at Cherokee Truck Equipment. 

"I was like you know, we need to take up some money for Alex, let's do something for him," Blaylock told Channel 

They set up a GoFundMe Page.  He's hoping this will help pay for funeral expenses as well as replacing the only car the family of three had. 

"This is something we are doing for Alex because we love him and he's our brother. Travesties like this just happen in a blink of an eye. You don't know what tomorrow may hold. Life is a heartbeat away," said Blaylock. 

You can donate at their GoFundMe page.