Recently America's largest milk producer filed for bankruptcy, which has caused some milk drinkers to question the entire industry. 

On November 12, Dean Foods filed for bankruptcy in order to keep running the business. 

Channel 3 sat down and talked to the president of Mayfield Dairy Farms, Scottie Mayfield, who shared some insight into how this decision could affect farms in the Tennessee Valley. 

Although Mayfield Dairy is a part of the Dean Foods company, production has not been impacted by the bankruptcy. 

Mayfield said milk production has seen a decline for the last 10 to 12 years. 

Mainly because more big-name stores have their own dairy farms. 

"The volume varies depending on what's going on in the marketplace but our milk sales are pretty flat and we wish they were growing but they are pretty flat," Mayfield said. 

Because of the competition, Mayfield said the goal is to remain unique. 

"We think our yellow jug protects the flavor processing that really makes our milk taste better so we're trying to do things that give us a quality advantage because its a very competitive market put there," Mayfield said.