Hundreds of Chattanooga area children have their own bed to sleep in now because of a fairly new organization in town. Sleep in Heavenly Peace delivers beds to children in need.

The Chattanooga chapter hit a milestone Wednesday afternoon. They delivered their 600th bed to two little girls who had been sleeping on the floor. They accomplished this in just nine months.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace started delivering beds in Chattanooga on February 20. They've had their work cut out for them since then.

"They're made out of wood. We build headboards, foot boards, side rails and then we take them to homes and assemble them in the bedroom,” volunteer with Sleep in Heavenly Peace, Patty Champion, said.

They deliver about 15 beds per week. Recently, that number has gone up.

"By the end of this month, we will have delivered I think about 108, which is huge for us. We've had three months in a row that we've delivered 100 beds at least," Champion told us.

As the holidays approach, they know the need becomes greater.

"We hope to be busier,” Champion said, “That would be a great Christmas present for any child to get a brand new bed.”

Right now, 355 children are waiting for beds. They are trying to answer all those requests because their promise is, "no kid sleeps on the floor in our town."

It gives them great joy when one less person has to worry about that.

"To be able to put a child in their own bed, these parents and their grandparents are just tickled pink because it's something they've not been able to do no matter how hard they try and we can come in and take care of that for them," Champion told us.

The beds come complete with a new mattress, sheets, comforter, and pillow.

The mom of the girls who received beds today was very grateful for the organization and sang their praises. Volunteers with Sleep in Heavenly Peace say they get paid in smiles-- that was definitely the case today.

The little girls were beyond surprised and excited to finally have a brand new bed to sleep in.

Volunteers are everything to this organization, and they would not be able to do deliver 600 beds in nine months without them.

If you would like to donate bedding or help build a bed, reach out to them through the Sleep in Heavenly Peace Facebook page.