The Hamilton County Medical Examiner now describes the human remains discovered in Lupton City as an archaeological case.

The bones were discovered last Wednesday of Lupton Drive.

It's not clear how old the bone fragments are, but investigators have thought the remains to be prehistoric Native Indian.

Hamilton County historian Linda Moss Mines says since the remains are deemed historical, it could cause complications for the development.

"What is so significant about this is it adds a level of complexity to the remains that were discovered,” Moss Mines said.

Linda Moss Mines says the Tennessee Valley has a rich Native American History.

"Because this was the center place of the Cherokee Nation,” Mines said.

If the remains are Native Indian, they would be protected by the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act, and could prompt more examinations of the site.

"Because at that point, they will probably do further ground penetrating, X-rays, whatever to determine if there are additional remains,” Mines said.

And those investigations can take time. 

"And I know that's difficult for someone who is in business. And I know it's financial burdens for developers but they also want to be a part of the community and that requires transparency and integrity,” Mines said.

If it's determined the site is not historical, the developer can start working again.

Mines hopes whatever the next steps are will honor Native American history and the progress of Hamilton County.

"Remove them. Move them with some dignity and allow development to continue. It's a balance of not only is best for the dead, but also the living,” Mines said.

Channel 3 has reached out to Thunder Enterprises, the developer in charge of the site, and are waiting for a response.