Security video shows the man we are looking for pull a knife. "He didn't look like it was his first time trying something like this," said Collegedale Police Detective Robert O'Daniel. "I don't think it will be his last."

It happened on November 15th at American Trust on Reagan Lane. The bad guy strikes just after 6 pm on that Friday evening. "It is busy for the Walmart area, but it actually is their closing time," Det. O'Daniel explained. "So, he actually came, they actually had customers just before. So, it's right at the closing time."

The suspect had waited for that last customer to leave, but on the remaining employees, he pulled a knife. "From the knife, they had some scratch marks on their back," O'Daniel added. "He did put it into one male employees face demanded the money or he would kill him."

They complied and the robber left, driving up toward Little Debbie with his headlights off. Investigators have not been able to make out the vehicle, but they have a great look at the suspect and his red shoes, as do you. He is a black male wearing a black Nike cap, white jacket, black pants, and a camouflage bandana. But, pay particular attention to his solid red shoes. They may give him away and lead you to our reward. "They're not a common shoe," the detective said. "It's very unique one in the aspect of it being all red and all being the same color. There's no other colors attached to them, it's just all that one. And, of course, the knife being a unique knife; it having a hand guard with it, also."

If you know this guy, you may recognize him, quickly. "I believe so," O'Daniel said. "The bandanna covers most of his face, but there are times when you can actually start seeing a little more of his eyes from when he looks up towards the cameras. So, I'm pretty sure him being about 5'10", his build size, and how he walks, I'm pretty sure someone's going to be able to identify him."

The owner of the business has added an additional $500 to the Crime Stoppers reward pot for this case. Consider it cash just in time for the holidays.

If you know anything, if you have heard anything, if you happened to see the guy in the parking lot November 15th and can provide a good description of what he was driving, call Crime Stoppers: 698-3333

That line is manned 24/7 and we will never ask your name.