The U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education, Frank T. Brogan, visited Whitwell Middle School Tuesday morning.  

The main reason for his visit was a chance to tour the world famous Holocaust Museum created by school children there nearly 20 years ago. 

"An opportunity to see a very extraordinary project centered around the Holocaust, and brought right here to Whitwell Middle school,” Brogan said.

Superintendent Mark Griffith says he got the call last week about the visit.

And says having assistant secretary brogan in Marion County was a huge honor.

"Obviously anytime you have a dignitary in that status come, ya know, it’s a chance to showcase your schools and programs. It’s huge for the Marion County school system,” Griffith said.

Brogan stopped by several classrooms to see what students work on in Marion County.

"I can't say enough about the teachers that we have. The administrators that we have in this county, and just a very exciting day for Marion County schools,” Griffith said.

Inside, he saw documents and artifacts from the holocaust, and the Paperclip Project, which represents the six million Jews who lost their lives in one of the most tragic events in human history.

The tour ended with an authentic German transport car, which had Brogan reflect on his encounter with a survivor.

"And she was...elderly. Very. And I extended my hand, then she extended hers. When she did, her sleeve raised and you can see the tattoo on the other side of her wrist. I was speechless,” Brogan said.

Brogan says he is happy with how things are going in Marion County Schools.

"And to see fantastic things going on in this part of the country is really quite extraordinary,” Brogan said.

Brogan is going to several schools in Tennessee before heading back to Washington D.C in a couple of days.