More eyes are watching the streets of Chattanooga.

The installation of eight new public safety cameras is underway, joining 29 cameras that are already installed.

It's a big day for Chattanooga police as eight new public safety cameras are unwrapped, marked and installed in areas that see some of the most crime in Chattanooga.

One camera installed Tuesday went on the corner of Milne Street and Orchard Knob Avenue where Shuntel Rogers lives.

"It's black on black crime. It's very hot. That's what makes it scary," she said.

Afraid for her safety, she asked Channel 3 not to show her face but believes the public safety cameras will help make her neighborhood a safer place to live.

"I feel great about it. But if we had more neighborhood interaction and talking to the police, police interaction without it being a beef with anybody, I think it will work great," she added.

Police, the city's IT department and EPB worked together for weeks to determine the best pole and angle for each camera, making sure each one has the electrical and fiber lines needed to run 24 hours a day.

"Part of that is mounting the camera and then getting fiber and electric to the camera," Sgt. William Atwell, who oversees CPD's Real Time Intelligence Center said.

It takes between two and three hours to install each camera. Once it's ready, it's time to make sure the video can be seen inside the Real Time Intelligence Center.

With a $13,000 price tag for each camera, some believe they're paying off.

Police said video has been used as evidence in 69% of the incidents the Real Time Intelligence Center has investigated this year.

Now Rogers hopes it will do the same where she lives.

"It's generally a good neighborhood. It's the outsiders that generally come in. You have to stand up for where you live," she said.

Crews were not able to finish installing all of the cameras on Tuesday.

It will take another day or two to finish installing them.