More than a dozen cars were broken into in a Mountain Shadows neighborhood in East Brainerd Sunday night.

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Bonnie Saxon, who lives off of evening shadow drive, had just gotten home from a 1300 mile trip for work Sunday night.

She says she woke up to shattered glass all over her driveway Monday morning.

"So, I picked a piece up, and I went 'that's my window!' And then I ran into the house and screamed 'Thomas! Thomas!' Somebody had shattered, and I mean, it was shattered,” Saxon said.

Saxon and her husband, Thomas or Tom, have lived in the neighborhood for 10 years and say it’s usually a quiet place to live.

"We've never had anything happen like this,” Saxon said.

She drives a 2019 KIA Sportage, which had change and several gift cards stolen.

"It looks like there is a little bit of blood over there because that window was completely busted. This window was completely busted. They ripped stuff out of the glove compartment and threw it all over the car,” Saxon said.

She says it’s shocking the criminals didn’t take anything else from inside.

"But they didn't get much. There were some Christmas things in the back seat and they didn't even take them,” Saxon said.The neighborhood association sent an email out Monday morning.

The email urged residents to park their vehicles in the garage, not leave valuables in vehicles and keep car doors locked.

"Yeah, we will definitely be a lot more vigilante,” Saxon said.

The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the break-ins.

Chattanooga police report 1392 in 2019 as of July. Keys were found in more than 40% of those incidents.

Saxon hopes those responsible are caught, for the sake of everyone in Mountain Shadows.

"The neighbors are nice. People mind their own business, but if they need you or you need them, they are there. It's a wonderful neighborhood,” Saxon said.

Residents are urged to call the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office if they have any information or video evidence of the break-ins.