The child brought a small bag of cocaine to Lawrence Elementary School in Holyoke, Massachusetts, 90 minutes west of Boston, on Thursday, Lt. Jim Albert of the Holyoke Police told NBC news.

When the boy showed the cocaine to the teacher he said he puts the powder in his mouth and it makes him "feel like Spider-Man," Albert said. The baggie was stamped with images of Spider-Man. The teacher notified the school's principal who immediately called the police.

Police called an ambulance and brought the boy to the hospital as a precaution, even though the drugs were sealed. Authorities said they don't believe the boy ingested the cocaine.

Holyoke cops also went to the boy's home, where they found his father, Benny Garcia, asleep with 38 bags of cocaine and 70 bags of heroin in the house. Garcia had an outstanding warrant for narcotics and is now facing additional charges, Lt. Albert said.

Police said another child, an infant, lived in Garcia's home with their mother, but both kids have been taken into child services.

Garcia will be in court on Wednesday, November 20, where a judge will decide if he can be released on bail.