UPDATE: The former owner of GreenForm Construction was booked at the Hamilton County Jail on November 17.

Fred Holder has been charged with theft of property over $10,000.

Holder was released on a $2,500 bond.

This is a developing story. 

PREVIOUS STORY: The owner of the construction company accused of scamming more than a dozen people out of a new roof has filed for bankruptcy.

Legal troubles continue to mount for GreenForm Construction and its former owner Fred Holder. Now, there's a warrant out for his arrest.

Holder filed for bankruptcy in August amid claims his roofing company collected thousands of dollars from more than a dozen customers, but never completed the work. 

"We are finding what appears to be a fraudulent scheme allegedly at this point," Attorney Kimberly Cambron told Channel 3.

Attorneys Kimberly Cambron and Layne Gillespie are now representing dozens of people who claim they were scammed by the company.

"The GreenForm name has now plummeted in its reputation and there's all kinds of Better Business Bureau complaints," Gillespie said.

In June, we shared 73-year-old Patricia Roach's story. She told Channel 3 she paid Greenform more than $7,000 to replace her roof, but they never returned to finish the job. 

"Most of our clients are in that same similar situation. We represent Ms. Roach. The roofs were never put on and in some cases some clients have experienced damage as a result. They've had roof collapses because their roof was never fixed by GreenForm," Gillespie explained.

Now months later, there's a warrant out for Holder's arrest and filing for bankruptcy may not keep him from having to pay what Gillespie and Cambron say he owes.

"What we would ultimately like to do is be able to prove fraud, and have the debts be non-dischargable--meaning they would survive the bankruptcy if they were not paid," Gillespie explained.   
The two attorneys say they're also representing three former employees in the case against Holder, Greenform Construction, LLC and his franchising branch of the business, My GreenForm, Inc. 

"There are quite a few issues involving there possibly co-mingling of those two businesses and funds that were coming in from the sale of franchises," Cambron said.

Right now, their number one goal is to find out where the money went. We've reached out to Holder's bankruptcy attorney for comment but haven't heard back.

Depositions with people affiliated with Greenform LLC and My GreenForm, Inc. will begin on Monday of next week.