It turns out the massive storm surge from Hurricane Dorian didn't entirely wipe out the wild horses and cows that lived on North Carolina's Cedar Island when it made landfall in September.

Three of the wild cows simply changed addresses.

Residents and national park officials were surprised to find three castaway cows living at Cape Lookout National Seashore park on the Outer Banks, about 3 miles from where the animals had been living before Hurricane Dorian hit.

"The cows surviving has just been a blessing,'' local resident Rhonda Hunter told Kerry Sanders on TODAY Friday.

National park officials believe the cows swam about 3 miles to their new home as they fought the surge from the Category 1 storm.

"It's an amazing story,'' BG Horvat of the Cape Lookout Parks Department said. "To be swept up by a 9-foot-plus surge of water that's coming back and filling up the sounds, and it's just coming. It's not stopping. It's just moving forward with a lot of force."

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