"We've came out every game. Played as hard as we could, gave it our all. The only thing left to check off on that list is a state championship," Meigs County quarterback Aaron Swafford said.

The Meigs County Tigers have stacked 35 wins and counting since 2016. All those victories, yet no gold ball.

"Just, because, we really want it so bad, we've been so close so many years. Finally getting it would probably be the best thing that could happen to us," Meigs County linebacker Brady Blevens said.

The team may not realize it now, but their beefed up regular season schedule may have been the best thing that happened to them. They beat a perennial power in Greenback, and took their only loss of the season on the road at South Pittsburg. The Tigers are past the point of learning how to play in big games and starting to embrace them.

"I don't think big games are going to shake us or rock us. We like the atmosphere. We liked when it's packed. We like when the fans are going, so we're locked in this week," Meigs County head coach Jason Fitzgerald said.

Familiar territory, against a familiar foe, all in a quest to reach uncharted heights. Only two Meigs County football teams have made it to the state title game, both came home empty handed. The 2019 Tigers still have a chance to prove why they're different.

"You can just see it in the mentality and some of our guys’ eyes. This is many of our last chances to get it and you can tell by watching us practice and how we work every day. I think it would mean a lot and we'd go down in history," Swafford said.