The Signal Mountain Police Department announced on Facebook they will be on the lookout for reckless drivers in school zones.

This warning came after several incidents in which the officers directing traffic were put in danger.

Signal Mountain Police Chief Mike Williams, says there have been four incidents in the past three weeks where officers have had to jump out of the way of a distracted driver.

One officer was struck and that’s enough for the police department to immediately crack down on the traffic laws.

"The officers are on foot so they can't really run them down on foot so what we've started doing is having an additional car over there,” Williams said.

An officer inside the car has helped give them an extra set of eyes and be able to immediately pull over the person violating the law.

"The phones have been a big issue, but a couple of times they were just they weren't on the phone, they just weren't paying attention and literally looking right at the officers,” Williams told us.

In two days, they have written six citations, which the chief says is much higher than normal. Williams has been with Signal Mountain for five years and believes this is the worst it's been.

It was time to crack down on traffic laws, but first, they wanted the community to know what was coming their way.

Williams said, "I wanted to be fair to people and put it on the Facebook page and let the principal send an email out to parents that we're going to start writing tickets."

The community has responded well to the warning.

"I think it's been better. A lot of people thanking the officers for being there, waving at them, kind of indicating hey I'm aware."

Williams says the best thing to do is just pay more attention to what officers are telling them to do.

The most important thing, he says, is to stay off your phone.