Human remains that could date back to thousands of years ago were discovered at a development site off Lupton Drive on Wednesday. 

One neighbor says she wouldn't be surprised if they are ancient remains. 

"If they do discover more remains or the archaeological site goes a little bit further in-depth, and they do find more remains, it needs to be a respected sight and probably protected,” Allison Mitchell said. 

Mitchell works as a landscaper for the city of Chattanooga. 

She says in cases where human remains are discovered, it will take a toll on the development. 

"This could financially mess with them. That would definitely concern me. If I was to purchase a property there, I would definitely think twice about it,” Mitchell said. 

UTC Archaeology Professor Brooke Persons says it's not uncommon for new sites to be uncovered during development. 

Archaeologists try to identify sites beforehand, but it's not always possible to do say based on a number of factors. 

State law says once remains are discovered, all work on the development has to stop. 

But it's up to the developer to decide what to do after the investigation. 

Mitchell hopes they do what's best for the area. 
"I know they are trying to do development over there. And, with some development people...they might not care. So I think it's important,” Mitchell said. 

The Chattanooga Police Department is leading the investigation. 

The local Archaeology firm, Cumberland Applied Research Associates declined to comment on the situation.