Chattanooga medical professionals are offering discounts on procedures through Groupon. 

If you search deals in the Chattanooga area, you will find trips to the chiropractor and mental health specialist. 

Dr. Andrew Lunn with Chattanooga Family Dentistry offers a discount on a dental implant package. 

"We provide a 3D scan of their jaw," Lunn said. "We provide the services of the implant, the part that comes out of the implant, the crown that goes on top of that and then any kind of consultation that proceeds that."

It's an out-of-pocket cost of about $2,000 but he's offering it for $99 with this Groupon. 

Dr. Lunn said it's a way to give back to people who don't have dental insurance. 

"A lot of times we find that patients don't have dental insurance so they've been called into a place where they have had the tooth removed or extracted and so the Groupon provides an implant at a lower cost," Lunn said. 

He said they have had the discount on Groupon for about a year now. As of this week, 20 people have used it, together paying what one patient would have paid out of pocket.

"We had one patient come to us who had previously seen somebody in town and had decided they wanted to use us instead because of the Groupon discount," Lunn said. 

He said, unlike health insurance, dental insurance caps off around $1,000-$1,500, which makes it hard for people to afford the services they need. 

"The insurance has kept pace with the dentistry and the cost of dentistry," Dunn said. 

It's a different way for people to receive medical services, which is why some people might be hesitant. 

"Obviously you want to check out the place you are having it done, review the reviews of the doctor," Lunn said. "But at this point of time, if its a savings and they can provide you the same services as another place can provide you then you know sometimes it's well worth it."