About three weeks ago, a seventh-grader at St. Jude School was riding his bike when he was hit by a truck and dragged along the street. Ryan Rodriguez is still recovering. Channel 3 was at St. Jude Thursday as the administrators presented a family member with gifts and donations.

Ryan Rodriguez lives with his grandmother. She came by the school to pick up the donations. She says she has been overwhelmed by everything the school and community has been doing to help out their family.

October 24 was the day of the accident in Red Bank. It was also Ryan's 13th birthday.

Ryan is being raised by his grandmother and she knows how much he enjoys riding his bike. She had a special day planned for her grandson.

Kathleen Preston, development director at St. Jude, said, “Was coming home. She passed the accident scene, didn't realize it was Ryan. She had his birthday present, which was a new bike helmet and his cake in the car."

She received the news shortly after she got home.

"She has had to quit her job because she is the only one there to help care for him, and so it's been a really difficult situation,” Preston told Channel 3.

Ryan suffered a concussion, broken pelvis, and other injuries. He spent several days in the ICU and has been in the hospital up until a few days ago. He has a long road to recovery ahead.

Preston said, "He continues to go to therapy a couple times a week, and then he will hopefully, be back after Christmas, be able to come back to school."

The community has supported the grandmother since the day it happened.

"People just got on the bandwagon and wanted to know how to help, and so we've just been really lucky that way.”

The grandmother has felt the support.

Preston told Channel3, "When I walked her to the door she was crying, she said, 'I just, I can't believe it, I can't believe all these people that I don't really know have stepped in to help.'"

Help is still needed.

If you would like to pitch in, a GoFundMe page has been created to help cover medical expenses.