Remote Area Medical is coming back to East Ridge this weekend. They're hosting a free clinic for dental, vision and medical care.

For organizer Bob Nevil, RAM has a clear vision.

"Basically our goal of myself, as well as the providers, is to change lives. The beauty of the clinic is we can do that over the course of two days,” he said.

They’ll set up shop at Camp Jordan on Saturday and Sunday.

"It's a first come first serve. We ask no questions. There's no identification. We just want people to know that these resources are avail to them,” Nevil said.

In his experience, patients should line up early.

"Friday morning at 10 o'clock, that's 20 hours before the doors open, there was a patient,” he said of the 2017 clinic.

This year, RAM also added social work resources. Volunteers will help connect patients to medical providers near them.

"We're going to have computers on site so we can go ahead and determine what their need is and where the provider would be,” Nevil said.

Even with the new additions, this year’s clinic will be without its main supporter. CEO Stan Brock passed away last year.

“He won't be here, he's been at all the clinics that I've attended for the past ten years,” Nevil said.

This year, Nevil wants to keep Brock's vision alive.

"We'll have people that literally when they walk out of this clinic are going to be able to see the world more clearly,” he said.

RAM will start handing out tickets at 3 on Saturday and Sunday morning. Doors open for patients to get treatments at 6 a.m. on both days.