For schools operating on a normal schedule, Wednesday morning's bus stop is going to be a cold one.

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Temperatures will be in the 20’s, but feel like they are in the low teens.

Josh Legg with Rock Creek Outfitters says more layers is always a recipe for staying warm, but too many layers will decrease the clothing’s insulation.

"It's important to know insulation works by having its loft at maximum thickness. If you start reducing the amount of the thickness, it's not going to work as well,” Legg said.

Legg says adding too many layers is one of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to dressing for the cold.

"Well, the thing you got to watch out for with putting too many layers inside your footwear is constricting circulation. So, I think a good rule is you want a thick sock as long as it's not taking up too much inside the shoe,” Legg said.

He says the best thing you can do is to make sure all of your skin is covered.

"It's important to know to have a hat, some gloves, base layers, mid layers, exterior shells (of clothing) is certainly important for wind, rain, anything like that,” Legg said.

Hamilton County emergency management services say children have a higher risk of hypothermia and frost bite during the low temperatures.

If a child has bright red skin, is cold to the touch and his or her speech starts to slur or pulse weakens, get them inside and warm them up immediately.

Legg says heavy exertion in the extreme cold can also cause problems.

"If you become saturated or work up a little bit more of a sweat than you anticipated and your body temperature cools down, that's when you have to worry about hypothermia,” Legg said.

Legg says it’s important a person is covered and comfortable in cold weather.

"Just think of anything that is exposed. If you can cover it up, help block the wind, that's going to be a big part in keeping the kids warm,” Legg said.

Wednesday's temperatures are expected to rise above freezing around noon. 

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