Grundy County was one of several districts in the area to close for winter weather Tuesday. For Transportation Supervisor Billy Moon, the day got off to a chilly start.

"Getting up about 3 o’clock, leaving my house about 3:30 and going to various parts of the county where I know we have trouble spots,” he said.

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As part of Moon’s job, he decides when weather will keep buses off the roads.

"I just don't want to take a chance on risking any child's safety,” he said. “Because we're not just dealing with school buses, there are students driving to school.”

Tuesday he made that call, and students got an unexpected snow day. Moon says the timing caught him off guard too.

"Early for winter to be here at this time. December wouldn't be quite as surprising but to have this kind of weather in November is definitely a shock,” he said.

As temperatures keep falling, ice sticking around into Wednesday is a concern.

"The northern end of the county is usually the worst because that's the coldest part of the county,” Moon said.

He’s keeping an eye on the roads, in case he has to make the call again. Moon said if the ice does stay, they may have to delay or cancel for Wednesday.