All charges were dropped on Monday against a woman who has accused a Hamilton County deputy of baptizing her in a lake.

Channel 3 first told you about this story last month and since, we've learned this isn't the first time that woman has had a run in with that deputy.

There are currently five pending lawsuits against Deputy Daniel Wilkey, three of those are are federal court.

In all of those cases, Wilkey is accused of violating the civil rights of those he stopped.

Hamilton County District Attorney Neal Pinkston dropped nine charges Monday against Shandle Riley.

The charges stem from a traffic stop in June when Wilkey charged the 40 year old with several drug and traffic charges.

Pinkston told the judge Monday prosecutors didn't have the evidence needed to prosecute the case beyond a reasonable doubt.

The district attorney also set aside a guilty plea from another case involving Wilkey, this one in February.

Wilkey wrote in a citation, he pulled Riley over for a window tint violation and improper display of tag.

He asked her if she had anything illegal and she stated she had a joint, according to the citation.

Wilkey wrote, he found a marijuana cigarette in the center console.

But in an $11 million lawsuit against Wilkey, Riley's attorney claims he stripped down to his boxers and coerced Riley to be baptized in Soddy Lake.

We spoke with her attorney last month.

"Wilkey strips to his underwear, invites Ms Riley to strip down, she declines. He grabs her one hand to the back the other on the breast submerges her in the water," Robin Flores told Channel 3 in October.

Riley pleaded guilty to possessing a controlled substance in that incident but the district attorney set aside that plea, saying the conviction was "the result of deprivations and denials of rights secured by both the State of Tennessee and the United States Constitution."

Wilkey is still on paid administrative.

This is a story we will continue to follow closely.