Students at LaFayette Middle had a special guest in honor of Veterans Day. One of their teachers, who is also a veteran, decided to bring in someone who had a huge impact on his life.

Social studies teacher Ben Torbett wanted to make this Veterans Day a memorable one for his students. He called on retired Major General Jon Norman for help.

"He called me up just out of the blue and said 'hey General Norman would you mind coming out and talking to the students about what it means to serve,’” Norman said. “And I'm like 'absolutely,' didn't hesitate for a second. That's the kind of friendships that you develop."

Torbett met Norman while serving in the Air Force. After his service he went back to school to become a teacher. Now, Torbett is teaching his students Norman's lessons.

"It's extremely important for them to listen to someone like General Norman talk or to have a teacher like me to say 'hey it's not just college, it can be more,’” Torbett said.

Even though he's retired, Norman taught some of those lessons on Monday.

"You learn to not complain, so we take every challenge as an adventure,” he said.

For those of us wanting to honor our veterans on Monday, he has some homework.

"They're asking ‘should we say thanks for your service, does it make veterans uncomfortable,’” Norman said. “I would say no, absolutely say that. But also ask them 'hey where did you serve at, what did you do, what did you like about the military?'"