An article out of Denver, Colorado said one of their school districts was about to go to a 4-day school week.

We have had that here. Chattooga County, Georgia eliminated Mondays, going to a 4-day school week in 2012, but the local school board recently voted to go back to 5 days.

This is something popping up in other districts across the country, so I wanted to get Your 3 Cents.

Now there was a host of you who just said, “No.” And an equal number of you that just said, “Yes."

Lee went more in-depth with, “Personally, I like the idea, but I know it would probably be somewhat of an inconvenience for families that have both parents working five days a week.”

Whitney said, “My freshman year the school I attended had 4 day weeks. It was a wonderful thing for school/family balance and I know the teachers enjoyed it also. I think it’s a wonderful thing.”

Patricia said, “Yes that would be great, as long as it doesn't mess with their work and doesn't have to go longer in the year.”

Shawna had an idea. She said, ”I think having Wednesdays off would be great! Kids need a hump-day break.”

Sharon said, “I don't see how it would benefit children or parents. When children grow up they will have to work 5 days a week. Being in school on the same schedule prepares them for the expectations of adult life.”


Microsoft in Japan tested a 4-day work-week and claims productivity jumped 40%. But that’s another topic.

Tennasin said, “I believe it would work in all school districts. I think a 5-day school week is too much for kids! They’re kids, let them be kids. They’re only little once! I don’t think the government should have that much control over the time our children spend in school each week! Parents need to step up and do more teaching of their own at home!”

My 3 cents?  It’s not something that should be done rashly in any district. There are lots of considerations, and folks even in Chattooga County are split on whether it was a good idea. There may not be a black and white “yes, it’s good" or "no, it’s bad.” You may now have to pay for childcare while your neighbor may love it because they have a day to do other activities with their kids. Both are valid. It comes down to how it affects what you value. The biggest thing we can all do is stay informed and know the issue. If your local school board or community calls meetings, go to them and get as educated as you can, then make sure your local school board knows how you feel. It may not go your way, but at least be heard.

That’s my 3 Cents.

If you have a rant or something positive you want to rave about, I want to know!

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