Chattanooga rapper 12-year-old YM never thought in a million years that his talents would be discovered by a well-known celebrity, let alone the former host of NBC's America's Got Talent and music mogul Nick Cannon.

Cannon was seeking new talent to create his new boy band called "Ncredible Crazy Kids".

Cannon didn't hold a traditional audition. Instead, he took to social media, specifically Instagram, looking for a kid rapper that would be a perfect fit for the group.

YM noticed the opportunity on Instagram and went for it. He was so good that Nick Cannon's followers started noticing his skills.

His performance eventually got the attention of Cannon, who contacted YM's parents shortly after to ask if he could join his group that consists of four other members. The 12-year-old couldn't believe he received a call from Nick Cannon. He later found out that he was among 17,000 other hopefuls that didn't make the cut.

YM stopped by Eyewitness News Weekend Today to talk about his journey since that phone call and how this experience changed his life.