A Chattanooga company is helping those impacted by the wildfires in southern California. Legacybox was created in 2009 by two Lee University graduates to preserve families' memories when disaster strikes.

Channel 3 spoke with one of the founders on what they are doing to help those on the West Coast.

Co-founder, Nick Macco, is donating 200 kits to people living in at-risk wildfire communities in California. That is $100,000 worth of supplies to keep their memories safe.

Legacybox is a national company that is based in Chattanooga. They ship thousands of boxes out every day all over the country.

"People fill a Legacybox with all their old home movies, pictures, film and they are sent off to us where we professionally digitize it,” Macco explained to us.

They put all their memories on a thumb drive or cloud and send the originals back to the owner.

The idea came about when Macco was going through old home movies and VHS tapes to relive some of his childhood memories, but had no way to watch them.

"Something needs to be done about this. They need to be on a format that we can keep them, watch them, preserve them. We started doing this and realized other people had the same problem," Macco said.

Customers have told them, the one thing they would go back into a burning building for is their old home movies. Macco thought Legacybox could be a way for people to do that.

"When we were looking at the devastation of these wildfires, we thought well what's a way we can help? Why not help them digitize this one most prized possession?” Macco told us.

Two-hundred kits are being donated to families living in at-risk wildfire areas in southern California. People in these communities can just fill-out a form online and a free box will be sent to their address.

They have donated to other causes before, but never anything on this level.

"Just felt like, it was a really great way for us to help people."

The company's mission is to preserve people's most important life moments and their generosity fits this mission well.

They just announced this Thursday, and people are already filling out forms for a free Legacybox. It's a first-come, first-serve basis, but they will look into expanding if the need is there.