Dalton police say they have identified the man they say exposed himself to a female employee at a Subway restaurant on Sunday, but they haven't released his name yet.

Authorities say several tips they've already received indicate that the man in question may suffer from a mental illness.
"That's the sort of behavior that's obviously very alarming," Frazier told Channel 3.

Stills from surveillance video show the moments the man walked into the Subway location on Glenwood Avenue.

"About 3:30 in the afternoon, the subject entered the Subway and made an order," he said.

Frazier told Channel 3 it wasn't more than a few minutes after the order was placed that the man pulled out his genitals.

"While the employee was making his sandwich he apparently exposed himself and began to masturbate in the restaurant," Frazier explained. 

He says the female employee--in utter shock--continued making the man's order. 

"I think this was a young woman. She was obviously very alarmed and didn't quite know what to do. She basically just got him his food, got the order paid for and tried to get him out of the restaurant as quickly as possible," Frazier said.

A restaurant spokesperson contacted the police about the incident on Monday.

Frazier says thankfully, the employee wasn't injured during the 10-minute encounter. 

"Sometimes you see those kinds of behaviors escalate," he added.

Now with new information about the suspect's mental state, he says locating him is a priority.

"We want to make sure that we get him into custody and you know get him access to some help because obviously this isn't a normal behavior," said Frazier.

Right now, detectives are working with the district attorney to determine how they should proceed. 

A spokesperson with the restaurant declined an interview but did say they are cooperating with police. The North Georgia Health District says they won't be taking action.

Jennifer King tells Channel 3 they deal more with restaurant employees and facilities to ensure they are adhering to public health standards. 

In this incident, she says they did not receive any reports of food being tampered with or disease being spread.

As for the man who exposed himself, if you have seen him, you are asked to call Dalton Police at 706-278-9085, dial 9 and enter extension 152.