0-10 to a home playoff game. Boyd Buchanan football has quite literally started from the bottom. So, what got them here?

"The new coaching staff and the way our teammates work harder. We worked hard in the weight room and we worked harder in the offseason too," running back David Dixon said.

"It's just a group of guys that like being with each other. They're at each other's house on the weekends. I mean, that's the kind of brotherhood you want. You got guys like that, that are willing to practice hard, and love each other. I mean, that's a coach's dream," head coach Jeremy Bosken said.

The secret to the Bucs success may have been right in our faces all long. Quarterback Eli Morris got stitches in his face during a game his freshman season, he was benched in 2018, and now, the Mr. Football semifinalist has Boyd Buchanan poised to make a run.

"Once we got into this season you start to realize, it's a possibility. This team, who knows what the limit is. It could be a state championship, it could not, but this team is special. To turn something around like that, it's impressive," Morris said.

They're stronger, they're faster, and they’re just flat out better. It's Boyd Buchanan’s return to glory. All that's left to be written, is their legacy.

"We're excited to be playing this time of year and playing at home is more special. We're looking forward to a great crowd. I just think our boys are ready to take it to the next level now," Bosken said.