The Chattanooga Woodworking Academy is a non-profit professional woodworking school that trains individuals to become master woodworkers, able to shape wood for any purpose – from building log cabins to creating fine furniture.

"We are a four year, wood-working trade school,” explains Bill Carney. “We prepare students for careers as cabinet makers, furniture makers, millwork specialists... whatever path they choose, that's where we go with it."

The Chattanooga Woodworking Academy was started in 2009 by Bill Carney, a master furniture maker and woodworker of more than 4 decades.

Classes are built around a half-day schedule so students can intern and take jobs in the woodworking profession.  The class schedule is from 8 am to 12, noon, Monday through Wednesday.  Thursday and Friday are left open for students to take part-time work.

"We get a lot of people that come in and what things made. So they have an opportunity to make money while they go to school and help them. And they need to learn the business end of it too. They need to learn marketing, advertising, salesmanship, accounting. If you're gonna be your own business person, you gotta know about business."

With marketing in mind, the woodworkers have opened a showcase in the historic Chattanooga Choo Choo Terminal.

"This show is to show Chattanooga that you can buy the handmade furniture in the country, right here in Chattanooga,” he says. “Made locally by local guys."

This showcase is an effort to support local businesses, craftsmen and the craft of woodworking as a whole.

"Buy local, one time,” says Carney. “Best craftsmanship, best material, best these guys can make a living with their hands, a good honest living. And it adds to the great fabric of Chattanooga as having all of these great craftsmen from right here doing the work."

The Chattanooga Woodworking Academy's open house will run through November 10, 2019.