Photos of fall foliage and outdoor family portraits are popping up on social media, but how much longer can you capture those special photos?

Professional photographer Dan Henry told Channel 3 to keep an eye on the trees in your area.

As you see them start to change colors, you can plan out your photo sessions a week in advance, and we're seeing that color change in the valley right now.

"So, I've been out working with families recently in the past couple of weeks, and I think, it's been a little slow to change, but I think that we are about to pop. I think it’s about to hit in the next week or so as far as the colors go," said Henry, owner of Dan Henry Photography.

He believes the overall peak will be this next week.

The leaves change sooner in the higher elevations, so if you don't see enough fall color down in the valley, head up in elevation.

"If I see color, I try to hop on it because normally, there's usually a weather front that comes through and the leaves fall instantly. So, you have like a week usually to try and get peak season," Henry explained.

For photos you take on your own, Henry has a couple of tips to improve them.

First, move around to different locations. Second, the time of day is important.

"To help make the images look a little bit better, I typically recommend waiting until the afternoon, the light is a little bit warmer. So, your leaves with the yellows and the oranges will start to pop a little bit better that way," Henry recommended.

A professional photographer will then help take your photos to the next level.

"The light is not always ideal when you're getting into the woods, so being able to have somebody that can bring in some lights and to hike out with you and make your photos have a little extra pizzazz on them," stated Henry of the benefits of a professional photographer.

Plus, if you're the person in the family that typically takes photos, with a professional photographer, then you get to enjoy being in the photos, too.

There are lots of local places with pretty fall leaves. You can go to Coolidge or Renaissance Parks for easy access.

"If you like to be a little bit more out in nature, but not have to like throw on your mountaineering boots, you can hit the Guild Trail like we're at here. This is a place that goes from St. Elmo all the way up to the top of the mountain," Henry said of the option on Lookout Mountain.

To squeeze in a fall session with a professional photographer, Henry recommends getting a referral for a photographer from someone you trust. That way you know the quality will be good.