The holiday season is here and starting this year, The Salvation Army's red kettle donations are going digital.

Previously, you had to have cash or a credit card to donate to The Salvation Army, but the group realized people are carrying cash less and less. Now, you can donate with just a quick scan on your phone.

"We are so used to Apple Pay and Google Pay and QR codes, so The Salvation Army will have that this year,” Salvation Army Director of Communications Kimberly George said.

George says they have a credit card option already, but people are sometimes wary of that. She says the new QR codes are a safe and easy option.

"It's safe, it's secure, it's easy,” she said. “You just scan it and you can keep walking into the retail location and finish out your donation. It goes straight to our giving page."

It's all part of their effort to keep up with the times.

"I don't know about you but I'm carrying less cash these days and I think most shoppers are. They're used to paying for things on their phone or with credit cards,” George said.

They hope when people hear the sound of bells ringing, they know what to do.

"You are helping us fight for good when you give at the red kettle,” George said.

If you don't happen to spot a kettle, the Salvation Army also needs donations of towels for their warm-weather shelter.