Long wait times and not enough help might sound familiar if you've tried to get a Real ID.

Now there are plans to change that by hiring more employees for the state's busiest driver services centers.

Those locations include:

  • Summer Avenue, Memphis
  • Shelby Drive, Memphis
  • Hart Lane, Nashville
  • Hickory Hollow, Nashville
  • Clarksville
  • Franklin
  • Murfreesboro
  • Lebanon
  • Bonny Oaks, Chattanooga
  • Gallatin

Nashville NBC affiliate News4 spoke with Lisa Lindsay who thought an hour would be enough time to get a Real ID. She found out quickly it wasn't.


"Walked in. There were already so many people waiting. I knew it really wasn't going to happen," Lindsay said.

The state started issuing Real IDs in July. You'll need that to fly domestically without a passport next year.

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