After months of construction, the $2.3 million dollar update to the Camp Jordan complex has been completed.

Construction started in January 2019 and was off to a slow start after record rainfall flooded the wetland.

"We're really happy the renovations are done," said Juan Hernandez. 

Hernandez is the team captain for CFC and coaches youth soccer games at Camp Jordan. He says construction wrapped up just in time.

"It can not be at a better timing. We have a tournament this weekend, it's the 5th year. 6 states and more than 180 teams," Hernandez told Channel 3. 

Teams from across the region will play at the renovated complex November 9th. The Parks and Rec Director says the complex is unlike any of it's kind. 

"This park is unique. We can have three or four different events going on at the same time-- most parks are just one dimensional," said Parks and Rec director Adam Wilson. 

A total of 13 baseball and softball fields were updated, along with new fencing, bleachers, and restrooms. 

About 100,000 people visit Camp Jordan every year. They say the renovation will be a boost economically to local businesses. 

"We're going to drive business their way and they are going to have to drive by their business in order to get into the park," Wilson told Channel 3. 

With newly renovated fields to play on, more teams are wanting to play ball. 

"We're already seeing the dividends pay off for just a short amount of time we've been open since the renovation," Wilson said. 

Hernandez says the complex keeps getting better. 

"Where we came from to where we are now-- it's a difference-- and we are hopeful to see more improvements over the years," Hernandez told Channel 3. 

Parks and Rec says the one of the next projects to be to add a walkway connecting Camp Jordan with the Red Wolves stadium once it's completed.