Several mayoral candidates in both Fort Oglethorpe and Rossville have been making their final cases to the public as people went to the polls throughout Tuesday.

In Fort Oglethorpe, the two mayoral candidates stood yards apart in front of the Fort Oglethorpe Municipal Complex campaigning for final votes. 

"The main thing we need is for people to come out and vote," said Fort Oglethorpe incumbent mayor, Earl Gray. 

Gray is hoping to be re-elected for his second term. He says he wants to keep Fort Oglethorpe going in the same direction. 

"We've got some projects that's unfinished that we want to finish and we just want to keep this city moving forward," Mayor Gray told Channel 3.

His opponent, Louis Hamm, is focused on change. 

"If you want to keep your fire department and want transparency in government-- vote for me, Louis Hamm," said Hamm. 

Hamm says he hopes citizens will show up to make their choice. 

"Just want to tell them get out and vote-- that's your God given right," Hamm told Channel 3.

In Rossville, a candidate is hoping to wave goodbye to the city's current mayor. 

Channel 3 asked challenger Gary Anderson what makes him different from incumbent Teddy Harris-- he said, "Energy. I am out here and he is not."

Anderson says it's been eight years with no change. He thinks he can create results in Rossville.

"Rossville was the hub of North Georgia for many years. I'd like to bring that pride back and revitalize it again,'" Anderson told Channel 3. 

Incumbent Mayor Teddy Harris declined Channel 3's request for an interview. He provided a statement saying: "It's in the hands of the voters. We should know something after probably 8 tonight."