For 21 years, David Bloch has lived life mostly without speaking.

Diagnosed with autism at an early age, he spoke only when prompted. That is, until last week, when he asked his parents his first question ever.

“Would someone like me?”

His mom, Kerry Bloch, 61, took to Twitter to post his query. Immediately, she got much more than she bargained for — practically all the reactions were supportive and kind.


He can't get the communication part out, but when I told him, I said, 'David, you have friends,''' Kerry told TODAY. "I've read every single reply and message to him. We've been up day and night for the last six days trying to answer every single message and tweet.

"He'll be looking at a picture and say, 'Nice, pretty, funny.'''

From animal accounts to grandmothers, people responded with heartfelt messages of support.

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