UPDATE: Riverbend organizers are planning more changes for next year's festival.

The iconic floating barge that held the Coca-Cola Stage will not be a part of the setup in 2020.

Mickey McCamish with Friends of the Festival says changes had to be made to save Riverbend.

"It's important when you say the word change, that you visually see that. And with the barge not being in place, then that will show that we are serious about making a change,” McCamish said.

McCamish says the new stage layout will help create a better connection between the audience and performers.

"They did not feel connected to the audience because they were very high up,” McCamish said. “And most of the artists are used to being connected to the audience.”

The new Coke Stage will be under the Olgiati Bridge in 2020.

The BudLight, Chevy, and Tennessee Valley Credit Union stages will change locations as well.

"Because the industry is changing, and dogonnit if you don't keep your product fresh then you get left behind,” McCamish said.

Even though the barge will not be a part of the future, McCamish says it's served as a gem for the festival for more than three decades.

"It was very iconic to Riverbend. It served us well, served us very well for 38 years. And to be a veteran for 38 years and part of this downtown Chattanooga area, that's just remarkable,” McCamish said.

The prices will also go down. McCamish says last year’s $75 admission was part of the reason attendance was low.

Organizers plan to bring back group discounts, so families can save money.  

McCamish hopes these changes will make Chattanoogans proud of the festival once again.

"Riverbend is primarily a local festival and we've got to make it so people here are proud that we talk about Riverbend,” McCamish said.

The barge is currently docked at the Hale's Bar Dam and Marina. The future of the iconic barge is still unknown.

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ORIGINAL STORY: If you liked the changes the 2019 edition of Riverbend brought you, get ready: there are more changes afoot.

Channel 3 has learned that the iconic Coke Stage on the barge that is floated into place each year will not be a part of the 2020 Riverbend festival.

Instead a new Coke Stage stage will be erected underneath the Olgiati Bridge, and 'aimed' facing east, toward the Market Street Bridge.

The Bud Light Stage will be on Chestnut Street, facing the large open lawn south of Riverfront Parkway. The Chevy Stage will be at the riverfront and face the cascading steps of the riverfront, and the TVFCU Stage will be behind the Tennessee Aquarium. Its final location has yet to be determined.

Riverbend CEO Mickey McCamish tells Channel 3 that Riverbend will be 'between the bridges.'

The 2020 edition marks the end of the infamous Riverbend token; pre-loaded RFI wristbands will be used for entry and purchases.

Thirty-two acts are expected, but not yet confirmed. The headliners will be rotated across the new stages, changing the traditional configuration of the headliners at the floating Coke Stage.

McCamish also explained the festival is looking to add more country and classic rock artists to the festival's lineup.

Riverbend 2020 runs May 27-30.