The Fort Oglethorpe Police Department is making a change to keep up with technology. Last week, the City Council approved $87,000 in funding for a set of body cameras.

Right now, some of the cars at the department have dash cams, but Chief Mike Helton says they’re going in a new direction.

"We want to be on the cutting edge and technology has got to be added into this field today,” he said.

Helton decided body cameras were the best move. The City Council approved the purchase of a set of 26 cameras for officers last week.

"There's been many times that I wished we had body cameras to document the events that unfolded in a situation,” Sergeant Brian Stooksbury said.

Stooksbury says cameras help hold officers accountable, and make them take a hard look at their work.

"You look back and you think ‘what could I do, what could I ask and do better,’” he said.

Now, the department is working on how to best use their new tool, developing a set of policy procedures.

“When does it cut on, when do you cut it off, when do you have authority?" Helton said.

He says it will be at least another month before those cameras are in and operational.