Our call today comes from Ted who is giving his 3 Cents about people throwing cigarette butts out of car windows.  He even has a special name for them.

“Hey, David.  This is Ted.  I’d love to get your 3 Cents on "butt flickers".  You know.  When you’re driving down the road, and all of a sudden, “Flip!”  Out the window goes a cigarette butt.  Who did they think was going to pick that up when they threw that out.  Just my gripe, I guess.  Butt Flickers.  At least put it in your ashtray.”

Ted is not alone.  You guys sounded off on social media.

Rhonda said, “I think it's downright RUDE to every other driver, DANGEROUS for some of the animals/wildlife as well as the threat of fire and also thoroughly disgusting. It truly baffles me that almost every smoker feels like it's completely fine to do that---It's sad.”

Edwina is a smoker, and doesn’t like it either!  She said, “I smoke and I always use my ashtray. Don't want to start a fire or litter.”

Deborah was a little more sympathetic.  She said, “It's been going on for years.. We all have bad habits.. No one can say they are perfect..”

Mark is calling us all out.  He said, “While we all get self-righteous, how about the pollution we spew into everyone’s air just to drive, or the oil spot we leave at most parking spots, which washes into our drinking water. Before we pick on the smoker, remember we all share in polluting in one form or the other.”

Janice said, “Horrible. Sitting at a red light one day I noticed there had to have been a two-inch deep pile of cigarette butts at the curb. It’s nasty, people should have more respect for our planet.”

Debbie said, “I suppose not one of you has ever rolled a drinking straw paper into a ball and tried to discretely drop it out the window.”

My 3 Cents?  The state sees this as littering which is a $50 ticket if you get caught throwing butts on the highway.

A UTC study showed about 4.5 trillion smoked cigarette butts are thrown into the environment every year. leaching heavy metals, nicotine, and other compounds into local waterways.

And they DO start fires.  Numerous brush and structure fires are blamed on tossed cigarette butts every year

Bottom line… don’t be a butt flicker.

And that’s my 3 Cents.  Hey. if you have a rant or something positive you want to rave about I want to know!  Give me a call at 423-643-9722 and give me your 3 Cents.