This year marked the 15th anniversary for the Head of the Hooch Regatta on the Tennessee River. 

The race wrapped up Sunday afternoon without any cancellations after they had a few on Saturday due to the fog. 

Channel 3 spoke to a rower who traveled from Miami only to have his event get canceled Saturday due to the fog. 

"It was pretty tough because my doubles partner and I were really looking forward to this because we did really well at Head of the Charles," said Kolton Paxson. 

Mother nature came through on Sunday and Paxson was able to compete without any weather complications. 

"It was a nice experience and it's senior year-- so I wanted to get this race in before I went to college," Paxson told Channel 3. 

The annual regatta draws in a crowd from across the nation. 

"We have about 8,000 athletes over the weekend from 35 different states," said regatta director Daniel Wolff. 

There are 89 events taking place on the Tennessee River over the course of two days. Channel 3 spoke to the winners of one of them-- the youth men's lightweight eight. 

"It was fantastic, we put it all out there and it really paid off in the end," said the Oakland Strokes from California.

The Oakland Strokes made it down the 3 mile stretch in just over 14 minutes. They said despite the wildfires happening in their home state, they were glad to experience the 'Hooch' together. 

"I think despite that, we all stuck through it, we all committed to the process, we all trusted ourselves and I think that's what brought us the race," The Oakland Strokes told Channel 3. 

Wolff says teams who dealt with Saturday's cancellations will not get a refund. He says the event is always subject to weather and that most racers understand that. 

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