Saturday afternoon, the Community Kitchen teamed up with Parkridge Valley Hospital, Venue Church and other agencies to provide for those in need. They helped guests prepare for the cold weather by handing out warm clothes, a free meal and offering haircuts.

Russell Gilbert Sr., Parkridge Valley Hospital employee and Councilman for District 5 said, "We're going to provide coats, we're providing gloves, hats, things you need for the wintertime. And we're also going to feed them."

The guests filled the sidewalk outside and went through the giveaway line to grab warm clothes and blankets.

Stephanie McIntyre, Day Center Manager at the Community Kitchen said, "It's just what they needed. I looked outside and seen the tremendous amount of things that they did have, and they had over an abundance. It was more than enough."

After the giveaway, they headed inside the Community Kitchen for a fantastic meal. They served grilled chicken, roast beef, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, green beans, rolls, and pecan pie.

The staff was very impressed with the turnout.

"Had a little bit more than I expected, but that's always good because we are on a mission to help as many people as we can,” McIntyre told us.

McIntyre credits the turnout to all the agencies that stepped up and made this day possible.

"I feel like there is a big need, but I feel that when we have communities or agencies that come as they did today, we get a better turnout for what we need to do,” said McIntyre.

Their mission is to help people, as many people as they can. They couldn't do that without the community or volunteers.

"We know that it's getting cold outside so we really appreciate the people that are coming in and helping our community keep warm,” McIntyre said.

The Community Kitchen will open its cold-weather shelter starting December 5th.