As people get ready to set their clocks back when daylight saving time ends, the Chattanooga Fire Department and the American Red Cross are doing their part to keep the community safe. 

They say with every time change you need to test your smoke alarms-- that's why they visited over 200 homes in the East Lake neighborhood Saturday morning. 

"A working smoke alarm is your first line of defense, so that's your early notification," said Fire Marshall William Matlock with Chattanooga Fire. 

Matlock says it is common to see individuals without smoke detectors. 

"Without it, you're behind the 8 ball, you're kind of just playing catch up," Matlock told Channel 3. 

The fire department and the American Red Cross went door to door educating people about fire safety and assisting them with their smoke alarms. 

"Recently we had a case where a house had a fire and we had put in new smoke alarms only three days before and the people say it probably saved their lives," said Earl Helmer with the American Red Cross. 

Not only were they installing smoke alarms, but they also tested existing ones and replaced old batteries.

Chattanooga Fire says batteries should be changed twice a year and if you've had your smoke alarm for 10+ years, it's time to get a new one. 

If you weren't home during the door knocking event, Chattanooga Fire says to give them a call at 423-643-5600 and they will come to install or check your smoke alarms.